Zielies Tree Service has provided vegetation management and line clearance maintenance for numerous utilities in Wisconsin over the last 30+ years. The knowledge and experience we have obtained working in this industry enables us to better serve our customers. Prior to any new projects, a Zielies representatives will sit down with you to review customer requirements, expectations, and develop a work plan. The work plan will consider site-specific vegetation data, weather conditions, growth cycles and environmental concerns (Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt, etc.). These are analyzed and interpreted to ensure we can proceed with an effective plan of work.

– Equipment –

The vegetation management equipment used by Zielies continue to be put to the test as we are always looking to find the safest, and most effective method to provide a quality and reliable service.  There has been many technological advancements over the last 15 years and we are committed to continually looking for the best tool or machine in an effort targeted at minimizing employee risk while not compromising production.

– Zielies Working Partnership –

Zielies has established an excellent working partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in order to stay informed of changing conditions and regulations in dealing with the Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt and other environmental issues that may arise. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers so they can provide safe and reliable power throughout this great state!

– Mowing –

Zielies is capable of mowing all types of terrain.

– Herbicide Spraying –

Zielies is proud to employ state licensed applicators. With a close eye on environmental responsibility, our herbicide programs are value engineered, efficient, safe, and highly effective in providing a solution to unwanted vegetation. We seek to exceed state and local requirements in all areas, and for each project we take on. From product procurement to application, we take great pride in adding value to our projects.

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