Safety is a Core Value at Zielies and Our #1 Priority!

All Zielies employees are reviewed annually on climbing techniques, and are certified to exceed industry standards.  Annual safety training includes aerial rescue, rope and rigging techniques and general climbing safety. All of our on-site foremen are documented advanced-level climbers; who, conduct monthly on-the-job assessments on aerial rescue practice as part of their job responsibilities.

In addition to annual training, in 2016 Zielies brought in Arbormaster to perform five sessions of a two day precision chainsaw and felling training module. These sessions reached nearly all Zielies supervisors, foreman, and journeyman. The knowledge learned during these sessions will be passed down to lesser experienced apprentices during on-the-job training.

All Zielies employees receive extensive on-the-job training for each piece of equipment they operate. Utilizing the Union apprenticeship program and in-house supervision, employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with machines used on-site. Employees are certified in EHAP training on a yearly basis, including First Aid and CPR. They also, possess both a CDL (commercial driving license) and a Herbicide Spraying License.

With Zielies, Safety is Always First!

Zielies hires skilled professionals who have the necessary commitment and knowledge to work safely at all stages of the job. Once employed, employees receive annual training in the Electrical Hazard Awareness Program (EHAP) as established by the Tree Care Association, meeting both OSHA 1910.269 and ANSI Z133.1 safety standards. In addition, selected Zielies employees receive specialized training through Arbormaster and ISA in advanced climbing techniques, roping and rigging, machine operation, bucket truck operation, and advanced chainsaw and felling operations.

Zielies employs full time safety personnel to work with our crews on a daily basis. Our field safety representatives are trained instructors in First Aid and CPR and regularly train employees and assist with on-the-job training.

Safety First